«  The wedding planner is a professional who has the charge and responsibility to plan and organize every part of the bridal ceremony and to guide the suitors to the best choices and the best adaptation fitting to theirs needs and financial possibilities, all of which from an attentive sharp sighted analysis of the couple's personality. »

The benefits

avantage wedding planner
  • She is in charge of managing and coordinating directly suppliers and briefings.
  • To avoid stress and anxiety during the period of the organization.
  • To save precious time and some energy.
  • To save money because the wedding planner allows negotiation with the suppliers and going further with its budget.
  • To obtain a creative event, tied up to measurement and exclusive.
  • To take full advantages of the D day’s party.
  • To have a perfect organization.

About me

Once upon a time, a dynamic young woman lived alone in the south of France. Thereafter she became a graduate of MAXIM’s School of business and management for luxuries hotels. She started training, working from the lowest level until managing directors for several Hotels and Restaurants. It lasted during 10 years, then one day she met a “John Smith” Captain who kidnapped her, riding his white horse, keeping her trapped in his forest while he was crossing all seas. They got married quickly and had many many Children (3 mischievous girls who grew up and are almost adults today, and the little king, the son, not yet teenager but full of power). But, time passing the 3 princesses left home one by one to study in different cities, and the wife and mother started to get bored staying at home waiting for the return of the others. She was going in quest of retraining when an opportunity lighted her a new path, her parents wanted to gather family and friends to celebrate their 50 years of conjugal happiness. It was the opportunity to exploit her talents of decorator and organizer again even if they were living in another county. (the lovely “departement des Landes”). She decided to attend two Event & Media Education courses, wedding planner and events organizer. Diplomas in pocket, i am  ready to go further WITH YOU and all my energy, my love of good work in the organization of your event whatever it is to make it become the most wonderful day you ever hoped for.
photo Marie Christine Michies

The services

La Première

A complete and coordinated organization by ourselves : This service includes :

  • Initial advise
  • Continuous advise
  • Elaboration of the budget to plan
  • Meetings timetable
  • Research, coordination, negotiation and confirmation of the several suppliers
  • Creation of a custom made project
  • Advice and creation of the theme, style and col0rs of the wedding
  • Creation of the visual identity
  • Design of the preparation
  • Supervision, management and coordination of the D-day
Possibility to include on request : the engagement, assistance for the guests from far away, (accommodations, hosting, transport), planning for honeymoon, the sending of thank-you cards …


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